Wednesday, June 29, 2005


SWEETEST POISON Nu Pagadi went all the way to number one on the German Charts the song was released 08.12.2004.

This is their first appearance in BODYPUMP.

Wonder where Michael finds these groups?

The song that is in Bodypump is taken from their CD: On Your Dark Side, which featured a remake of Billy Idols song Flesh for Fantasy. I remember seeing the video clip for this song last year.

The group is made up of 4 members. I also think they won Popstars?

01. Moonlight Pogo
02. Sweetest Poison
03. Scratching the ceiling of the world
04. Hellfire
05. Falling again
06. Flesh for fantasy
07. Long way
08. Virus
09. Your dark side
10. Queen of Pain
11. No love inside
12. Dying Words
13. Sweetest poison Electromix

Check out their music :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005



Bodypump 55 is coming out in exactly 4 weeks from now.

Here is a breif rundown of the release:

We see the return of The Shapeshifters from Bodypump 54 - Track 7 (Lunges.) with their massive hit Back to Basics.

Chest is by Sweetest Poison a massive Trance Group from Germany from Von Nu Pagadi.

E- Type return with a awesome track called Olympia which was featured for Sweeden in their olympic team in the 2004 summer Olympics.

The Chemical Brothers come to us with Galvanize and a wicked set of dips come into play.

And from Germany Krypteria give us the cooldown for Bodypump 55.

Should be an awesome release.

Olympics is © International Olympics © Federation.

Monday, June 27, 2005


Been wanting to post this for sometime and I guess now is the right time :)

Tons of instructors are mixing Les Mills Programs I have nothing against that. I generally think that if you want to then thats a personal choice.

Can a instructor make it entertaining and offer choices to the participants by using a release in its whole?

For example use Bodypump 43 and the next class use Bodypump 46 etc...

Or use Bodypump 45 for 3 - 4 or maybe 7 sessions build on technique etc... of the class and allow participants to increase weights using resistances and allowing people to increase weights over the 3 - 7 sessions of Bodypump? Would be a great thing for the class to see some weights progression?

Here is the question why?

Saturday, June 25, 2005


Bo Bice is the runner up of American Idol Season 4 2005, was runner up to Carrie Underwood. He has been signed by the famous producer Clive Davis of A & M records fame and Simon Cowell from American Idol.

Bo is a rocker and his music will capture the world.

Bo's first single is out now and is the exact same single as Carrie Underwood's.

Lets support Bo Bice and The Bice Squad and his music.

Album information coming soon.

His side B features Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi who have featured in previous Bodypumps. The CD single was produced by Desmond Child who produced Shannon Nolls second yet to be released CD due out this year.

Inside Your Heaven / Vehicle is his debut single CD.


Update Bo Bice has gone to Number 1 on the Billbaord charts replacing Carrie Underwood with the same song. This is the very first time in Billboards history this has happened. Lets see when they release their CD's in September. It should be interesting chart times ahead :)

90/90 LUNGES

Have noticed this and wanted to cover this here. Clarifying the point I come to this from a Gym Instructors point of view.

Lunges should be done using the 90/90 rule. So what is the 90/90 rule in Gym Instruction.

Remember the protractor we used in school doing technical drawing and the angles used using the slide rulers. This is the best visual cue for 90/90. Imagine a pie cut into 1/4's that’s the best visual cue for 90/90 rule.

The reason in gym instruction for 90/90 is:

1. Protects the Patella (knees.)
2. Stabilises the joints.
3. Correct loading of muscles.
4. Proper alignment of the muscles involved in the lunge.
5. Proper recruitment of the Quads and the Hamstrings while protecting the lower back from fatigue.
6. Allows proper recruitment of all muscles in gym styled lunge.
7. Allows participants to train the legs in a proper correct manner.

Friday, June 24, 2005


This is my ultimate Bodypump 30's series of Bodypump.

01. When the heartache is - Tina Turner BODYPUMP 34
02. Eighteen strings - Tinman BODYPUMP 30 OR The Race - Captain Jack BODYPUMP 36
03. Stranded - Lutricia McNeal BODYPUMP 31
04. When you're gone - Jackie 'O' BODYPUMP 34
05. Campione 2000 - E - Type BODYPUMP 36
06. Stronger Britney Spears - BODYPUMP 38
07. Mysterious times Sash! Feat - Tina Cousins BODYPUMP 31
08. Wild thing 'y2k' ONE - Loc meets ZZ Bros BODYPUMP 35
09. It Feels So Good - Sonique BODYPUMP 36
10. Ave Maria…Oh Mary - Dario F BODYPUMP 36

Choreographed by the one and only Michael J Mc Sweeney Mr Bodypump himself.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


1. Attend the Masterclass (have to.)

2. Listen to the Mastertrainers and see whats going on with the release.

3. Up until release 53 I have never watched a Video for the releases. I just followed the choreography notes.

4. Now I watch the Video, then pick up the choreography and marry it to the music and generally do this all the time. I learn the lyrics of the song to the endth degree and know where every beat and count is.

5. Practice Time put what was learned into practice. Usually makes a number of mistakes. At the end of the track. Note these on the notes for each track.

6. Listen to the song again then understand where I made the mistake then do the track again.

7. Three dry runs and then its on with the show. I pretty much have the choreogrpahy embeded in my head and never forget it going back to BP 21 :)

I can literally pick any BP CD or Tape and do it right there on the spot without revisting the choreogrpahy :) Now thats a complete shock :)

Thats how I learn it :)

Saturday, June 18, 2005


The guys are back. The ultimate Boyband from the 1990's have come back hugher and more popular that ever. This is their first studio CD in over 4 years. The guys got together late 2004 and the defining work is Nevergone their first studio set in that time.

Band members are: AJ McLean - Brian Littrell - Howie Dorough - Kevin Richardson and Nick Carter

They have certainly come along way since 1996 when they rocketed onto the music scene. They have had in excess of 35 smash hits and CD's

Their music has featured in previous Bodypumps so the mention here.

01 BP 42 The One - Backstreet Boys
06 BP 25 Everybody (Backstreets Back) - Backstreet Boys
06 BP 32 Larger than life - Backstreet Boys
06 BP 48 Everybody - Backstreet Boys

Never Gone

Label: Jive
Released: June 14, 2005

1.Incomplete - First Single
Just Want You to Know
3.Crawling Back to You
4.Weird World
5.I Still...
6.Poster Girl
7.Lose It All
8.Climbing the Walls
9.My Beautiful Woman
10.Safest Place to Hide
12.Never Gone

Enjoy the New CD - The Boys are Back :)

Friday, June 17, 2005


Found this act late last year, I guess that they are now one of my favorite trance groups. So I wanted to share their music with everyone out there.

They have two CD's Mobius so far released via Siren Records November 18 2003. A late review but worth sharing with Bodypumpers everywhere.

Their first CD was called Can U Feel It from - Strictly Underground, July 20, 1998.

QED are Valentin and vocalist Kristine Hendricks. Their music is infectious their homepage has selections and information about this group.

Track Selections:

1. Love Bites
2. Hardly a Day
3. So It Is (Kiss the Dream)
4. Islands
5. Alone
6. Dark Side of Your Heart
7. Unaware
8. Running Away
9. Vampyre (Prelude)
10. Vampyre (Soul)
11. Vampyre (Body)
12. Epilogue (Hardly a Day Part 1)
13. Love Bites (Ean Sugarman Remix)

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Been tons of debate of this one for years.

In 2001 Bodypump changed the way we grip the bar. Here is a brief breakdown of where the thumb goes in a typical Bodypump class.

Rationale the way thumb is placed while performing a movement or task wrongly can develop medical condition called carpal tunnel syndrome. Which is a Occupational Health and Safety concern for all workers in industry based areas across different occupatioanl areas. Would strongly recommend that all people do a Occupational Health short course in proper lifting and handling in workplaces.


Constain pain in the thumb that runs up the thumb and fingers into the wrist joints. The pain can be mild ot can be hurtful and may limit ROM.If you have severe carpal tunnel syndrome you may not be able to perform and do daily tasks. This information sheet guides everyone safely in doing Bodypump and makes your time doing Bodypump for years to come pain free.

Track 1:

Hands wrap under the bar.

Rationale would dictate that this would control the movement of the bar while doing complex movments in track 1 of Bodypump.

Track 2:

Thumb wrap around the bar (Initial lifting of the bar into position.)
Thumb wrap under the bar. (While on Shoulders.)
Thumb wrap around the bar (For placement of the bar safely back to the ground.)

Rationale would dictate that this would control the position of the bar. Placement of the bar on the shoulders and off the shoulders.

Track 3:

Thumb wrapped around the bar while loading and deloading the bar.
Thumb wrap under the bar (while doing chest press.)

Rationale would dictate that this allows min discomfort to the participant and allow the participant to safely do chest press movements without stressing the ligaments and wrists.

Track 4:

Thumb wrapped under the bar.

Some people feel uncomfortable doing this expecially in C & P.

Track 5:

(Same as track 3.)

Track 6:

Thumbs are wrapped under the bar. Common faults to look for a chicken wings arms. Bar coming to high. Wrong deloading of the barand incorrect stances. Have to self monitor arms are glued to the sides of the body always (I hate it when arms are all over the place.)

Track 7:

(Same as track 2.)

Track 8:

Plates are also an issue as well. Talk to the instructor coaching you. Everyone is different, we need to make the choices to people based on hand sizes etc...

Track 9:

Plates are used sometimes no known issues I can think of?

Track 10:

No plates at all and no bars.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I have been doing Bodypump since 1999. In that time I have done in excess of 36 Bodypumps. I had a chance of looking back over the years and finding out of all of the Bodypumps I have done a number 1.

Thank you to all the instructors at the gym I went to back then for being excellent role models and to this day remain my ultimate role models for Bodypump.

This is my list:

Series 10 - 19:

Bodypump 19 gets my vote.

1.Run To Me Double You
2.Sweet Dreams La Bouche
3.Sing Hallelujah ! Dr Alban
4.Tonight Is The Night La Bouche
5.To Go Crazy Lee Mamu
6.Humping Around Bobby Brown
7.Love is a Battlefield Rochelle
8.Mission Impossible Larry Mullen & Adam Clayton
9.Paninaro Pet Shop Boys
10. Nothing Like the Rain 2 Unlimited

Higlights would be Mission Impossible and Love is a Battlefield.

Series 20 - 29

Bodypump 27 gets my vote.

1. Fantasy Island M People
2. La Copa de la Vida (Cup of Life) Ricky Martin
3. A rose is still a rose Aretha Franklin
4. I'm outta here (if you're not in for love) Real McCoy
5. Magic of the Night Zico
6. Somebody dance with me DJ Bobo
7.Stay Sash! Feat. La Trec
8. It's like that Run DMC vs Jason Nevins
9. Baby when the lights go out 5ive
10. Close della vita / Can't stop thinking about you Eros Ramazzotti/Tina Turner

Series 30 - 39

Without a dount Bodypump 38 gets my vote.

1. Angel Lionel Ritchie
2. Baker Street DJ Octopus
3. Don't Tell Me Madonna
4. I Drove All Night Bandido
5. She Bangs Ricky Martin
6. Stronger Britney Spears
7. Sandstorm Darude
8. Where Are You Paffendorf
9. Most Girls Pink
10. With Arms Wide Open Creed

Series 40 - 49

Would have to be Bodypump 41.

1. Perfect Moment Mary Griffin
2. Now we are free Dreamgate
3. Spente Le Stelle Opera Trance
4. Boom Boom Chayanne
5. Stranger in the House Tamia
6. Ice Ice Baby Vanilla Ice
7. Feel the Beat Darude
8. Rock Da Funky Beats Public Domain Feat. Chuck D.
9. Have you ever seen the rain Inner Circle
10. We are the champions Robbie Williams

Series 50 - 54

Would have to be Bodypump 52.

1. Pray Lasgo
2. Overload V / Voodoo & Serano
3. Phantom of the Opera Harajuku
4. Land of the Living Milk Inc
5. All Things (Just Keep Getting Better) Wild side
6. Cross the Border DJ Mendez
7. I Can't Let You Go Ian Van Dahl
8. War Machine Techno Boy
9.Left Outside Alone Anastasia
10. Vedi, Maria Emma Shapplin

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


The mid-way point of Bodypump is here.

May 2005 bought something special Bodypump 54.

Here is my review of Bodypump 54.

Track 1: Rise (Leave Me Alone.) - Safri Duo


Overall the best warmup in the 50's series of Bodypump. Highlight is the ending finally tripples at the end of a warm-up track. Safri Duo are from The Netherlands, this is from their January 2005 release. Most of the recent releases have had biceps curls and nice to see a traditional end to a track 1 of Bodypump. The music is awesome. Features Clarke Anderson Bodybalance 24 where he featured in track 8 of that release. The bongo drums add some infectious rythyms to the track. Sceam for More by Kate Ryan runs a close second as the best so far of the 50's series of Bodypump warmups.

Track 2: Run to You - Novaspace

Love Novaspace this track has tons of lower half options which are always a great thing in a track 2. I requested this track on the Les Mills RPM section. Nice to see variations in the squats this time.Tons of half squats and the legs are pretty much spent at the end of this track.

Track 3: Summer Rain - Slinkee Minx

Great to have a long chest track - tons of half range options to take on in this challeging track. There are tons of space to move with this track and to connect with participants. Overall the best track 3 so far in the 50's series of Bodypump.

Track 4: Here I am (Send me an Angel) - Jan Wayne and Charlene

Another long track which is good for a track 4, tons of tripples. Massive back work in this track. Need to advise a lighter weight selection for new people (due to track 5 coming up.) The row work is awesome in this release and I guess that this is up there with Track 4 of Bodypump 53.

Track 5: What you Waiting For? - Gwen Stefani

This is the best track 5 on the 50's series of Bodypump. tons of triceps work in the first halfo of the track. Tons of reverse tricep work and the end of the track is a ticeps killer. Advise options and make it to the end of the track.

Track 6: Carwash - Christina A Feat Missy Elliot

A short track, advice would be to up the weights with track 6. There is no rest period in this track and timing is crutial in this track, one count out and the track falls apart. Need to script this track ahead of time and stick to the script. Learn Learn Learn the script.

Track 7: Loas Theme - Shapeshifters

This track is a track where you need to increase the weight levels for a track 7. The track has a Part A - B to it and a massive ending. Prepare the options ahead of time for some pre-cueing at the begining of the track.

Track 8: Word Up! - Korn

A very hard shoulder track, every shoulder track is hard. There is 4 phases to this track and needs tons of ahead scripting. If you miss a count then you can kiss the ending of the track goodbye. Challenges at the end of the track is to get the confidence to take the bar option on and finish at the end. (Pre cueing is important in this track.)

Track 9: The Joker - Fatboy Slim

This track is a challenge track it is as hard as you can make it. Overall a very original track and tons of variations that can be used.

Track 10: A Thousand Years - Sting

A highlight of this release a very fast track 10. Need to keep things sharp and to the point. Set up - Cue and Move on. Was a great track 1 in Bodybalance 13. Was wanting to do the choreography for BB 13 track 1. Where is my tai chi ball :P.

This release is a great release. Enjoy the challenges and this release is 10 / 10 from me.

Pump Hard Train Hard or Go Home :)


Sunday, June 05, 2005


Shannon NOll came to our attention via Australian Idol in 2004. Boy has time flown in that time he has gone from strength to strength. He was runner up to Guy Sebastian who won Australian Idol. (Think I said that twice.)

His first chart single was a remake of the Moving Pictures hit from 1982 "Alex Smith's" massive songle "What about Me." which Shannon sang in Australian Idol, that was his entry into the top 3 singers of that competition Cosima was in the running but due to health issues had to quit the competition leaving Guy and Shannon to battle out for "Australian Idol Season 1 2004."

Other hits from the CD are Learn to Fly which was recently featured in BA. Another hit from the CD was Drive set in rural NSW.

Shannon recorded his CD and it came with a bonus CD which featured "When Angles Bought Me Here." which was the song Guy eventually released.


Track List

1. Drive
2. New Beginning
3. What About Me
4. Burn
5. Sittin' Pretty
6. Learn to Fly
7. Promises
8. Tune in
9. Prove
10. Wise
11. Way She Loved Me
12. Way That I Feel

Bomus CD: When Angles Bought Me Here / With or Without You (Live Recording.)

Check his music out :)


Coming up retrospective of Michael J McSweeney - Additional Functionality to the PopUpCards!

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